Project Description


International Produce… Packaged for Growth


Green Stripe was a fast-growing international importer/exporter of fresh produce. Green Stripe management recognized there were limitations with their “green stripe” logo. The brand was generic, lacked a strong visual message and was not positioned for growth.

New Brand Identity    |   Original
GreenStripe New Brand Identity, design logo - green, fields, hills, sun and old Green Stripe Inc. logo with stripes


CrossRoads Studios’ Strategic Brand Analysis, conducted throughout the U.S., Mexico and Chile, identified numerous opportunities to strengthen the overall Green Stripe brand message. The generic Green Stripe name was consolidated to GreenStripe to create impact and uniqueness. CrossRoads Studios also introduced the essence statement, “Growing. Together.”, to underscore the trust, stability and partnerships required among growers, buyers, partners and the client for mutual growth.

GreenStripe Produce Boxes
GreenStripe Fresh Produce Boxes for Grapes, Mangos, Cantaloupe and Avocados, Strong Design Graphics

A Bold Fresh Opportunity

The original Green Stripe corrugated box lines and labels were disjointed and lacked any visual impact. CrossRoads Studios recognized a major opportunity to build the core GreenStripes brand across their entire produce line. CrossRoads Studios’ design program focused on simple, bold, organic produce graphics. This solution created strong in-store impact and differentiated their products from the competition. The design architecture was applied across all touchpoints including signage, promotional & sales materials, trade show events, seasonal calendars, apparel and website.

GreenStripe Promotional Materials
GreenStripe, Marketing Materials - design ads, business cards, promos and 12 month multilingual calendar