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Information proprietary to CrossRoads STX, including the contents of descriptions of CrossRoads STX’ businesses, biographical descriptions of its representatives and personnel, press releases and other public notices, together with any associated graphic elements (collectively referred to as “CrossRoads STX Materials”), may be copied, reproduced, downloaded or otherwise used provided the following terms are strictly adhered to: Copyright notice in the form “© 2017 CrossRoads STX. Used With Permission. All Rights Reserved.” must appear in every copy or reproduction of such CrossRoads STX Materials. The CrossRoads STX Materials may be used solely for non-commercial purposes and may not be disseminated in any medium without the express written permission of CrossRoads STX. The CrossRoads STX Materials may only be used in their entirety, without alteration, editing, condensation or editorial comment, and any graphical elements contained in the CrossRoads STX Materials may not be used separately from the other elements with which they are associated.

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