Your Brand is Your Reputation, Respect It

What does it mean to have a successful brand? Is it instant recognition with your target audience, a sizeable impact in all markets or consistent growth and revenue? No matter what goals you have for your business, your brand should to play a huge role in making it happen.

It Pays to be Brand-Centric

  • Build a solid, unique identity
  • Provide focus for clients, customers, employees and partnerships
  • Strengthen and streamline your message
  • Attain maximum reach and visibility
  • Develop custom solutions for any sized operation

Capture Your Company’s True Essence

Does your identity effectively communicate everything that makes your business great? Our process goes far beyond an alluring logo or clever tagline. Throughout the development stages and all the way into marketing and promotional materials, our focus is on your business, your goals and your success. Ultimately because of this approach, the strategy translates into diligent brand management and marketplace agility.

Sample Branding Services

CrossRoads’ initial brand analysis encompassing fact-finding visits to Paris, Las Vegas, New York and Philadelphia provided invaluable understanding in the marketplace. Creative insight helped evolve the initial Bon Vivánt name to Vivá.

star-quote-iconJeffrey Hettinger, Vivá Restaurant Group

We found we had a creative team in our backyard, who were great to work with as we explored our brand and they ultimately came up with a great new logo and brand package for us.

star-quote-iconSteve Fritz, Former President, VF Outlet Stores

When we say Berks Women in Crisis, we put the focus on the victim. When we say ‘Safe Berks,’ it is more inclusive, so we know that we all have a role to play in preventing domestic violence and sexual assault.

star-quote-iconMary Kay Bernosky, Executive Director, Safe Berks

Our team hired CrossRoads for all of the branding work for a property in the celebrity space and we could not have been more pleased with working with them and the results. Their level of expertise on brand positioning and execution of bringing a brand to life was a magical experience. CrossRoads delivered greats results, was highly creative and had amazing integrity as an organization.

star-quote-iconBrian Hamilton, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, RealWear