Azzule Systems

Dynamic Data Supply Chain

Background and Challenge

Today’s world economy demands global data management throughout all levels of the supply chain. There is urgency for security, storage and affordability. Some service providers do have supply chain data, but it is often static with little interaction between buyers and sellers.

Azzule Dynamic Data

Azzule, an information technology company, not only stores your supply chain information, its functions provide dynamic data. This supports distribution and analysis of information between supply chain buyers and sellers. Unique and data driven interactive charts provide useful and targeted information that can direct an action plan to address your unique needs and challenges.

Brand Creation

The creative team behind Azzule needed a name and they needed a logo. Inspiration was found in the book Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne. After research and intensive discussions with management, the name Azzule was selected, which is a play on the Spanish word azul, or the color blue. The subsequent logo signifies an abstract “A” and represents a drop of water rippling outward, symbolizing the dispersion and implementation of information.


Azzule’s collateral materials and exhibit booth were developed. Web refresh and advertising media plans were implemented and updated.

I have worked with CrossRoads on brand image projects for two separate companies — first for PrimusLabs, and then the creation of Azzule Systems. CrossRoads is consistently reliable and friendly, and has always been committed to our needs and priorities. As an innovations company, Azzule Systems presents a branding challenge that CrossRoads has successfully handled.

Nadia Pasco, Chief Executive Officer, Azzule Systems

CLIENT NOTES: Azzule Systems provides data management solutions for today’s complex supply chains with information input, storage and movement. The company’s customers include food retailers, the food service industry, distributors and retailers. They provide solutions for food safety information, sustainability or any other form of valuable statistics for your organization. Azzule Systems is located in Santa Maria, CA.