Mango Box, GreenStripe, Produce Packaging with Rich, Vibrant Colors

GreenStripe Mangos

Dynamic Packaging for Premium Mangos

Produce Background and Challenge

An international importing and exporting company was creating a premium line for its product. The sub-brand and graphics needed to work with the client’s existing GreenStripe brand identity. But the packaging also needed to reflect a higher-end, value added graphic image to reflect the select mango crops being marketed. Retailers go through cycles in the produce section. Previously produce was heavily packaged but that’s not the current trend. Now retailers often focus on less packaging, sustainability and they emphasize produce freshness. In an already abundant fruit and vegetable department, how do you develop an individual, recognizable brand message and graphic image?


CrossRoads created this dynamic package for GreenStripe’s premium mangos. The packaging needed to build on existing brand equity while positioning itself at a premium price point. Bold, rich colors were introduced to convey an earthy, organic appeal for strong shelf impact. The visuals were implemented on all marketing touchpoints.

Maximun Shelf Impact
Stacked Mango Boxes, GreenStripe with Rich Colors

Additional marketing and advertising materials were created to support the premium, select mangos. To increase customer interest and usage, CrossRoads included interesting recipes, usage instructions and the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) 5 A Day endorsement.

Mango smoothies, anyone?

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